Welcome to Pharmacy Department:

Department of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy of the World University of Bangladesh offers the degree of B.Pharm. (Hons). Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) is a four-year course that has been designed for students to acquire sufficient knowledge on the principles & techniques of the pharmaceutical sciences as well as theoretical courses. This Program alms to provide students with the modern & broad-based education in pharmaceutical science & to prepare them as well-trained pharmacy professionals to meet the demand of the pharmacy profession as practiced all over the world. Their technical know-how to develop their ability to practice as skilled & competent pharmacists both home & abroad and in any field of the wide spectrum of allied pharmacy profession is highly rated. Pharmacy Graduates can get jobs/scholarships abroad easily. It should be clear that this diversity of pharmacy is one of its chief strengths.

We are planning to launch M.Pharm. Program as early as possible.