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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pharmacy as an entity has been offering Bachelor of Pharmacy degree since its inception on 31st December, 2008. The curriculum is designed to contain the Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology, Hospital & Community pharmacy and many core pharmacy courses along with foundation courses like Basic and Elementary Mathematics, Computer Science, Fundamental English, Professional Communication and Biostatistics are also included to make the syllabus relevant to the need of modern pharmaceutical world.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) is divided into eight consecutive semesters approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB). We have highly qualified faculty members, advanced research facilities and online library services containing large collection of books, articles and journals. Using innovative and interactive techniques, we make pharmacy education exciting for the students. We are proud of our sound disciplinary policies, which enable smooth operation of our department.

Course Components:

General Education Development 24 Credits
Departmental Core Course (Major Area of Specialization) 93 Credits
Courses on Minor Area of Specialization 39 Credits
Oral Assessment/Projects/Thesis/Capstone courses 8 Credits
Total Credit Requirement for B. Pharm 164 Credits