• Provide most comprehensive and highest quality pharmacy education.
  • Establish research-oriented and need based teaching-learning environment.
  • Implement modern research and scientific discoveries in the field of drug discovery.
  • Develop drug and to incorporate it into the health care system.
  • Accelerate professional achievement and development through lifelong learning.
  • Generate critical thinking, analytical ability and leadership skills with ethical, moral, and social responsibilities of the graduated pharmacists.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO-1 Successfully apply their learned skills throughout their professional pursuits.
PEO-2 Have enthusiasm and aptitude to continuously pursue learning and professional development.
PEO-3 Have the ability to communicate and work well as individuals or on teams that include engineers and colleagues from other disciplines.
PEO-4 Are recognized as qualified Pharmacist with high ethical standards.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLO-1 Knowledge
PLO-2 Practical skills
PLO-3 Social skills and responsibilities
PLO-4 Ethics, professionalism and humanities
PLO-5 Communication, leadership and team skills
PLO-6 Scientific methods, critical thinking and problem solving skills
PLO-7 Lifelong learning and information management
PLO-8 Entrepreneurship and managerial skills
PLO-9 IT familiarity/Use of technology/Information literacy/ Information management